Allina Midwest Fetal Care Center & Minnesota Perinatal Physicians

Allina Midwest Fetal Care Center

Allina Midwest Fetal Care Center & Minnesota Perinatal Physicians

Fetal Care Center Designed as “Clinic of the Future”

A national leader in fetal care, from comprehensive evaluation to diagnostics, the Midwest Fetal Care Center is geared towards providing the best possible outcomes for unborn babies and their families. From the kick-off meeting in 2013 to the open house three years later, the theme of creating “the clinic of the future” was carried through the entire journey.

For the designers, creating the “clinic of the future” meant considering every possible scenario that could arise today, tomorrow or beyond. It meant incorporating soft dimmable lighting, views to the outside and comfortable furniture arranged in a way that puts families and physicians at the same eye level.

Key features of the Fetal Care Center include:

  • The consultation rooms and the exams rooms are similarly sized, providing flexibility and adaptability for future expansion.
  • A large teaming room at the core of the clinic is enclosed with glass walls allowing acoustical privacy, yet encouraging transparency and collaboration.
  • The state of the art conference room incorporates technological advancements that allow live communication with the care teams in the operating room above, as well as with fetal care experts around the globe.
  • The exterior of the Fetal Care Center blends seamlessly with the exterior of the Mother Baby Center located directly above.
  • Spacious waiting and registration areas are designed with the future mother in mind, providing comfort and privacy while also presenting opportunity for interaction.
  • Tall ceilings throughout the space, carefully crafted soffit and wall details, soothing and artful graphics and creative lighting design create a sense of calm and offer positive distraction for families during what could be possibly the most stressful time of their lives.
Allina Midwest Fetal Care Center
Allina Health & Children's Minnesota

Minneapolis, MN
United States

6,700 sf (622.4 m²)


Health Care Architecture & Design Honor Roll Award (2020)
Minnesota Physician Magazine