Bethlehem Steel Plant

abandoned building at plant site

Bethlehem Steel Plant

A big new life for a former steel plant site means 2,200 jobs and $1.5B in local investments and tax revenues.

Working closely with Lehigh Valley Industrial Park, Inc. as the principal project engineer, our team has been spearheading all environmental aspects of the assessment and redevelopment of the largest privately-owned brownfields redevelopment in the country.

The 1,000-acre site in Pennsylvania, formerly Bethlehem Steel Plant, is being redeveloped by LVIP into a diversified industrial park consisting of small parcels devoted to manufacturing, high-tech operations, warehouse, distribution and office space.

The redevelopment process included the demolition of numerous buildings covering hundreds of thousands of square feet, movement of millions of cubic yards of man-made fill, remediation of numerous former materials handling areas, removal of historical underground chemical handling utilities, and design and environmental coordination required to construct new facilities.

Throughout the redevelopment, our team has worked with developers, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, the United States Environmental Protection Agency, engineers and other parties involved in the process. We oversee all federal, state and local permitting and closure approvals through an agency work team that includes representatives from USEPA, PADEP and local government. Through this work team approach, we have successfully expedited reviews and approvals under Pennsylvania’s Land Recycling Program (Act 2), Underground Storage Tank Program, Solid Waste Program, Wetlands and Waterways Program, NPDES Program and USEPA’s Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.

To date, approximately 400 acres of land have been successfully redeveloped, with almost 1 million square feet of office and warehousing space, creating or retaining over 2,200 jobs in the Lehigh Valley. This includes the development of a 100-acre rail intermodal that provides access to facilities on site and throughout the region access to the national rail network. Full build-out the project will result in $1.5 billion in local investment and tax revenues.

abandoned building at plant site
Lehigh Valley Industrial Park, Inc.

Bethlehem, PA
United States

1,000 acres, 400 acres of land have been successfully redeveloped, 1 million square feet of office and warehousing space, 100-acre rail intermodal