Bruce Beach Park

Aerial view of a park situated next to the ocean

Bruce Beach Park

Bringing Community and Wildlife Back to Bruce Beach Park

The Bruce Beach Revitalization Project in Pensacola, Florida, creates a recreational and educational space for the public to learn and enjoy wildlife along the city’s waterfront. With the potential to serve as a dynamic resource for Pensacola residents, HDR led the park’s design and engineering to restore and enhance local ecology and allow residents to forge a stronger connection to the water.

Panoramic view of a park

Promoting Connection to Place

To bolster the city’s efforts to bring the community closer to the waterfront and establish a cultural and educational destination, improvements made to Bruce Beach improve the area's appeal and increase the number of attractions. Outdoor play areas invite families to gather and connect, while educational activities promote learning and connection to place. Historical exhibits, as well as interpretive signage to mark and commemorate Bruce Beach's African American heritage, invoke a sense of cultural connection to Bruce Beach and the greater Pensacola area. To create a destination where visitors can find moments of play and respite, additions and improvements to the park include:

  • A restored beachfront and shoreline area with views, trails, a picnic area and a learning garden.
  • A plaza to promote the site’s maritime history and Bruce Pool.
  • A pedestrian bridge over Washerwoman Creek to Community Maritime Park.
  • Lush native landscaping for both the community and wildlife.
  • Wildlife-friendly lighting that seamlessly blends with the landscape.
Park with educational signage and an awning that provides shading for seating

Establishing a Thriving Ecosystem in Pensacola

Revitalizing Bruce Beach Park is not only an effort to create a healthier and connected community, but also a restored and fortified landscape. With native plantings, improved stormwater management areas and a specific focus on developing plans that leave protected trees and wetland areas unaffected, the waterfront promotes a thriving ecosystem in Pensacola. Future improvements include additional work to protect naturalized areas and construct additional spaces for outdoor recreation and respite, furthering the city’s efforts to improve health and prosperity for residents and wildlife alike. 

Aerial view of a park situated next to the ocean
City of Pensacola

Pensacola, FL
United States

10 acres