China Pharmaceutical University Jiangning Laboratory Building

China Pharmaceutical University Jiangning Computer Lab Building

China Pharmaceutical University Jiangning Laboratory Building

Connecting Science and Technology to Campus and Community

China Pharmaceutical University specializes in pharmaceutical science education. Their new laboratory building on the northwest part of the Jiangning Campus will aid CPU in attracting key talent and students from China and around the world, support collaborative science and create opportunities for industry and community partnerships.

The design concept unifies science and technology through lab planning, connects different parts of a student’s campus life through the vertical spine, and breaks down physical barriers between faculty, students, researchers and scholars. The efficient, functional layout emphasizes innovation, with a collaborative core flanked by labs and faculty offices. The University’s slogan "Refine Skill, Benefit the Masses" was transformed into design guidelines for the project. Places where students study articulate the idea of “refine skill” and spaces where students innovate and collaborate articulate the idea of “benefit the masses.”

Classroom and chemistry and bio-medical lab design supports project-based and applied learning through strategies such as:

  • Increased classroom sizes
  • Ample electrical systems to support increased use of media and technology
  • Ample work surfaces
  • Flexible, movable furniture
  • Connected break-out rooms

Collaboration spaces facilitate team projects, faculty accessibility, multi-disciplinary colocation, community engagement, and impromptu social experiences through design responses such as:

  • A hierarchy of spaces with various sizes and capacities
  • Distribution and variety of open and closed workspaces
  • Comfortable furniture
  • Access to flexible technology
  • Exposure to daylight

Reduced distances to natural light, access to views and the outside environment, selection of healthy materials and finishes and individual control of sound and lighting levels emphasize a healthy building environment.

China Pharmaceutical University Jiangning Computer Lab Building
China Pharmaceutical University


Phase 1: 387,500 SF (36,000 m²); Phase 2: 473,600 SF (44,000 m²)