Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Clinical Sciences Pavilion

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Clinical Sciences Pavilion

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Clinical Sciences Pavilion

Merging Research and Clinical Services

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center is a leading medical research institution and teaching hospital and the second-highest recipient of research grants from the National Institutes of Health among pediatric institutions. The center looked to us for our translational health master planning and programming expertise when they decided to build the new 15-story Clinical Sciences Pavilion. It houses new laboratories including wet laboratories, an outpatient research clinic and imaging facility for clinical trials and research, office space for faculty and staff performing clinical research and supporting infrastructure.

In collaboration with GBBN, and through our planning, programming and concept design, we sought to create a world-class facility where new adjacencies, technologies and work settings inspire the trans-disciplinary integration needed by physicians and researchers as they collaborate toward the acceleration of discovery to cure.

Key features of the Clinical Sciences Pavilion include:

  • The new facility is the linchpin that ties campus buildings together and introduces translational health science concepts and benefits throughout.
  • The layout inside the building encourages collaboration by creating “neighborhoods” of clinical and translational research divisions who frequently work together.
  • The upper floors connect directly to the William Cooper Proctor Pavilion allowing researchers to easily meet and collaborate with colleagues in other areas. These highly collaborative environments provide opportunities to create new knowledge and transfer knowledge between scientists and scientists, clinicians and clinicians, and between clinicians and scientists — critical to success.
  • Flexible research modules allow easy interchange of research activities. This is especially important as specific research activities are expected to vary in the future.
  • The first three floors of the building are dedicated to providing a relaxed and unique experience with an open atrium, daylight seating and a garden with a waterfall. This centralized space allows families to access all study-related exams, assessments, advanced imaging and other tests in a space designed to be both convenient and comfortable.
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Clinical Sciences Pavilion
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Cincinnati, OH
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