Commonwealth Fusion Systems Corporate Campus

Commonwealth Fusion Systems exterior

Commonwealth Fusion Systems Corporate Campus

Commonwealth Fusion Systems (CFS) is collaborating with Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Plasma Science and Fusion Center to build SPARC, the first-ever net-energy fusion device that produces plasmas generating more energy than they consume. SPARC is on track for a 2025 completion, and will pave the way for carbon-free, safe, limitless, commercial power. It will be built with high temperature superconducting magnets, allowing for a smaller device than previous magnet technology.

As CFS prepares to scale quickly to bring fusion power to market, it is building a 47-acre campus that will become the birthplace of the commercial fusion energy industry and home to SPARC. It will also include the company’s corporate offices and an advanced magnet manufacturing facility.

HDR previously participated in site and construction manager selection, created the initial master plan, and delivered the conceptual design for the corporate headquarters and magnet factory.  We are now providing full design services for the SPARC facility.

Commonwealth Fusion Systems exterior
Commonwealth Fusion Systems

Devens, MA
United States

170,000 sf (15,800 m²)