Dallas Fort Worth International Airport Environmental On-Call

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Dallas Fort Worth International Airport Environmental On-Call

Streamlining Environmental Documents to Support DFW’s Major Projects and Programs

HDR provides various critical environmental services for Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, including NEPA environmental document preparation, air quality modeling, agency coordination and environmental strategy support.

Since March 2020, HDR has worked on DFW-centric projects ranging from $10 million to billions in construction costs. These projects include two cargo facilities, Runway 17R/35L rehabilitation, International Parkway Modernization and the Central Terminal Area Expansion. HDR’s collaborative approach to working with stakeholders creates a smooth, streamlined process that keeps projects on track.

Runway 17R/35L Rehabilitation

Runway 17R/35L is a 13,400-foot long runway that serves as DFW’s east airfield primary departure runway; it accommodates large aircraft. It is one of the busiest runways at DFW and is a critical asset to the daily operations and the National Airspace System. The Runway 17R/35L Rehabilitation Project is part of a comprehensive runway rehabilitation program, currently underway at DFW and was slated as the next runway in the rehabilitation program based on the extent of deteriorating pavement conditions. Additional improvements for the runway include bringing runway and connector taxiway geometry conditions up to current FAA Advisory Circular and design standards.

To meet the airport’s needs, we assembled a team of thought leaders with experience working on federal and state air quality modeling as well as experience preparing legally defensible National Environmental Policy Act environmental documents. The cross-functional team supporting the DFW delivery orders includes HDR team members from coast-to-coast. HDR completed the environmental assessment documentation and FAA issued a Findings of No Significant Impacts, or FONSI, for the runway project allowing DFW to obtain $115 million in Airport Improvement Program funding to complete the rehabilitation project.

19th Street Cargo Redevelopment

As part of this contract, our team prepared National Environmental Policy Act Environmental Assessment documents and performed air quality modeling for a project known as the 19th Street Cargo Redevelopment, which will expand the airport’s ability to handle increased cargo tonnage. The new facility will transform an underutilized portion of the airport into a world-class, revenue-generating air cargo complex. This project will help DFW Airport, the second busiest airport in the world, develop and operate state-of-the-art cargo facilities, establish an international e-commerce gateway, and continue serving as the economic engine for the region.

Partway through the project, the state regulatory agency requested additional air quality modeling with county-specific data and the MOVES3 modeling required by the Federal Aviation Administration. Our team completed the additional modeling in less than two months, adding no delay to the project. In addition, because of the quality work completed by HDR’s team, the resulting model, results, and reports were accepted by regulatory agencies (i.e., FAA and TCEQ) with no additional comments.The NEPA process is underway and FAA’s decision is anticipated in summer 2023.

This project is scheduled for completion in early 2025.

plane on runway at sunset
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