Blue Grass Airport Runway 4-22 Rehabilitation

Blue Grass Airport Runway 4-22 Rehabilitation

Blue Grass Airport Runway 4-22 Rehabilitation

Safely phasing work to minimize the impact on operations always takes a priority for our airport clients — especially if the airfield has the only commercial runway in a city of more than 300,000. This is the scenario playing out at Blue Grass Airport in Lexington, Kentucky, which engaged HDR in 2016 to lead airfield upgrades. New pavements on the 7,000 foot runway and enhanced safety features, which may include an Engineered Material Arresting System, rank high among priorities for this project.

Our services include project management, construction phasing, airfield design, airfield electrical system design, geotechnical engineering, surveying and construction management. The Blue Grass airfield contains several non-standard features and in July 2017 we were helping airport staff develop a scope of work that efficiently leverages available federal funding. Final design is scheduled for 2018 with construction on target for 2019.

In 2016, our proposal included sophisticated animations that demonstrated practical construction phasing, using BIM, 4-D and 5-D. It helped Blue Grass leadership visualize a program that would minimize impacts to their passengers while facilitating safe and efficient construction.

And our comprehensive engineering and field services are bringing additional value. For example, by utilizing our in-house surveying and geotechnical staff, we were able to quickly advance the field investigation scope. We performed drilling at night, at times suspending work to allow the University of Kentucky basketball team to take off or land — and we completed on-site field testing in less than three weeks. Our pavement experts could then immediately evaluate the condition of the runway and address one of the client’s biggest project focal points early on.

This additional level of control and seamless integration of engineering services will continue to pay dividends through final design and beyond, as we lead construction management. Rigorous coordination will be needed to advance the project, and assure quality, within narrow construction windows that affect multiple aspects of airport operations and many stakeholders.

“Blue Grass is an important transportation center for this region,” said our Project Principal Ben Edelen, who is based in Lexington. “We are extremely pleased to be a trusted advisor for the airport, and to have this opportunity to help develop infrastructure that makes a positive, lasting impact on the city and surrounding areas.”

Blue Grass Airport Runway 4-22 Rehabilitation
Blue Grass Airport

Lexington, KY
United States