Economic Analysis and Development Strategies for Massachusetts Freight and Rail Plan

Economic Analysis and Development Strategies for Massachusetts Freight and Rail Plan

HDR led the development of the Massachusetts State Freight and Rail Plan, which includes the state’s first ever multimodal freight plan and an updated state rail plan. HDR’s economics-related analysis included state, regional, national and international freight trends and international trade; a comprehensive commodity flow analysis; and economic, demographic and land use development conditions and opportunities related to freight.

The plan developed a comprehensive set of performance measures and evaluation criteria to help the state prioritize freight and rail investment and policy strategies. In particular, HDR completed a detailed benefit-cost assessment of multimodal freight investment strategies and passenger rail alternatives to help determine near-term and long-term investment priorities and potential public-private partnership opportunities. HDR also developed a series of policy recommendations related to land use development, funding and financing, truck operations and regulations, and passenger rail initiatives. The plan also incorporated a thorough public and stakeholder engagement process, with a set of focus group, advisory committee, and private sector meetings.

The Massachusetts State Freight and Rail Plan is a tool for public officials and policy makers on how to support improvements with freight and rail operations to facilitate sustainable economic growth with prosperity for Massachusetts and the New England region. The freight plan and state rail plan are complete and can be found on the Massachusetts Department of Transportation’s website.

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