Edmonds Community Centre & Fred Randall Pool

Edmonds Community Centre and Fred Randall Pool

Edmonds Community Centre & Fred Randall Pool

Collaborating with the Community for a Winning Design

The design of the Edmonds Community Centre and Fred Randall Pool began by involving all key stakeholders in a significant public engagement effort to ensure that the facility would meet the needs of the diverse demographics in the neighborhood. The public engagement phase of the project included a three-day design charrette that helped to achieve consensus for what would be included in the building. By being responsive to a wide range of user needs, the facility was able to offer a rich mix of services and amenities that combines social, recreational and cultural aspects including an aquatics center, child minding and childcare, a fitness center, gymnasium, lounge, multipurpose space, playground, senior center and youth center.

The facility's architecture is informed by the urban and low-rise context of a residential street to the south and the park setting to the north. This results in a dynamic transition between the calm and restrained Edmonds Street area and the more expressive urban area to the north.

An atrium-style lobby provides transparency and links between key elements of the facility, while creating a welcoming space for staff, patrons and visitors.

Sustainably-designed, it features:

  • Daylighting & Views
  • Green Space
  • Bioswales
  • Heat Island Reduction Strategies
Edmonds Community Centre and Fred Randall Pool
City of Burnaby

Burnaby, BC

95,000 SF (8,826 m²)


Distinction Award for Accessibility (2015)
International Paralympic Committee/International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities