Ed.Square (Edmondson Park)

Frasers Property EdSquare Town Centre

Ed.Square (Edmondson Park)

The vision for Ed.Square is for a place where connections are made — between the suburbs and the city, between an urban lifestyle and the natural environment, and, most critically, between people. With 700 terrace-style houses, 900 apartments and over 376,737 square feet of retail, this is a sizable undertaking.

The cornerstone of Ed.Square is formed from the notions of permeability, connection, social spaces, lifelong learning, health and wellness woven around a rich public domain. This “urban epicenter” of community, retail, leisure and living experiences includes a town square divided into different quadrants with a series of streets and pedestrian pathways.

The design connects the dots between a pastoral settlement dating back to the 1800s and a new town center. It honors the past while creating a future that embodies live, work and play.

Frasers Property EdSquare Town Centre

Edmondson Park, NSW

376,737 sf (35,000 m²)