The Event Complex Aberdeen Energy Center

The Event Complex Aberdeen rendering

The Event Complex Aberdeen Energy Center

Largest Hydrogen Fuel Cell Installation in the UK Provides Low-Carbon Energy for World Class Exhibition & Conference Center

A hybrid, low-carbon Energy Center powers The Event Complex Aberdeen, a landmark conference center for Europe featuring a 51,600-square-foot exhibition center and two hotels. We developed the energy strategy for the entire site, and engineering design for the Energy Center.

The sitewide energy strategy addresses key issues including significant fluctuations in energy demand and meeting required carbon emission reductions. It’s centered on the aspiration of Aberdeen City Council to develop the most sustainable venue of its type within the United Kingdom, and embodies the Scottish Government’s “A 2050 Vision for Energy in Scotland.”

Hydrogen, Hot and Cold Thermal Stores & Grid Export Generate Enable Low-Carbon Energy Production

The Energy Center provides zero carbon heating, cooling and power via a sitewide network to the conference center and hotels. Large peak demand and low baseload is managed with the use of energy storage in the form of hydrogen production, hot and cold thermal stores, and grid export for excess production.

The hydrogen fuel cell installation, which is the largest in the U.K., contributes to base heating and power loads. To meet the facility’s varying energy demand, the fuel cells operate in conjunction with other low-carbon plant-to-heating and -cooling energy storage. Hydrogen generated at the Energy Center also supplies the Aberdeen Hydrogen Bus network.

Resilience and virtual storage is provided by using both electricity and gas-to-grid for export and supply. An onsite anaerobic digestion plant provides biogas to the Energy Center and to the grid, maximizing direct use of low-carbon gas and providing carbon offset.

Our modelling and design approach for the Energy Center, developed in conjunction with the University of Strathclyde, reduced uncertainty and provided a detail-driven solution using a range of software tools and modelling techniques. The techniques allowed us to test sequencing of plant elements to effectively match energy demand and supply, and optimize the plant’s size.

An optimized control strategy maximized the use of the embedded energy systems and minimized grid dependency.

The holistic approach taken to develop The Event Complex Aberdeen innovatively integrates energy technology, addresses waste management and provides a clean transport fuel. Each element is fundamental to the feasibility of the overall strategy which considers finance, energy, efficiency, carbon footprint, local employment, local environment and sustainability with the goal of establishing Aberdeen as Europe’s Energy Capital.

The Event Complex Aberdeen rendering

Aberdeen, Scotland
United Kingdom