Greensboro-Randolph County Mega Site

Public meeting with audience member raised hand.

Greensboro-Randolph County Mega Site

Regional collaboration empowers the community to shape goals and outcomes.

Our strategic communications team led a public meeting to reach targeted audiences to gather information to support the design of water and sewer system improvements that will serve the site. A project website, email and hotline were developed to house project information to extend the reach of information sharing with the public. Media monitoring and social media platforms ensure the current project details are presented to the public. We will lead future public meetings at key milestones of the project and develop a multitude of outreach materials to educate the public and build awareness.


  • Public engagement strategy
  • Public meeting planning and facilitation
  • Social media strategy and monitoring
  • Public relations and media monitoring
  • Website design and development
Public meeting with audience member raised hand.
Greensboro-Randolph County

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