Hebei Zhaohua Hospital

Hebei Zhaohua Hospital Aerial Night

Hebei Zhaohua Hospital

The Hebei Zhaohua Hospital in the Zhengding new district of Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China, is a 1,500-bed medical center divided into two campuses. Adjacent to the Garden Expo Park, residential areas, administrative and commercial areas, the hospital campus is embedded within the community it serves.

The project is planned to be a comprehensive medical city, consisting of an emergency and diagnostics and treatment department, a general inpatient building, a cancer center, a cardiovascular center, an OB/GYN and maternity center, a research and education center, and the main characteristic of the project: a heavy ion and proton therapy center.

The design of the Hebei Zhaohua Hospital introduces the concept and symbol of a genetic chain flowing through the whole site with the south and north campuses connected by a medical spine and sky bridge to achieve sharing of medical resources. As a comprehensive medical city, each building on the two campuses is granted its own independence as well as shared functionality, creating an ecological, medical, and healing garden environment that is different from traditional hospital concepts.

Hebei Zhaohua Hospital Aerial Night
Hebei Zhaohua Hospital Co., Ltd.

Shijiazhuang, Hebei

3,600,097 sf (334,460 m²)