Intermountain Spanish Fork Hospital

Intermountain Spanish Fork Hospital Mountain Views

Intermountain Spanish Fork Hospital

Spanish Fork’s New Community Hospital: Designed with Room to Grow

Situated within the growing communities of southern Utah County with views to Spanish Fork Peak, the 30-bed Intermountain Spanish Fork Hospital reduces the distance patients in the area must travel for health care services by bringing high-quality care closer to home.

The new facility includes medical surge, postpartum, and labor and delivery rooms, as well as emergency and operation departments. Imaging services such as CT, radiology and MRI are also available, along with cardiopulmonary diagnostic testing and infusion therapy. A closely linked onsite medical office building and Intermountain InstaCare provide additional support.

Guiding Principles and Growth Zone Scenarios

During planning of previous Intermountain projects, we developed with Intermountain Healthcare several guiding principles along with options for accommodating projected growth in southern Utah County. The guiding principles included: access to care; flexibility and adaptability; and operational efficiency.

The communities served by Spanish Fork Hospital are increasing each year, so the hospital is intentionally planned to support future growth. To tailor the facility’s expansion capabilities to the growing community needs, projections of southern Utah County’s future population growth were analyzed. Site and operational planners took this growth into account, providing both room to expand on the site and soft space which will allow for internal growth of clinical departments.

Planning iterations for Intermountain Spanish Fork Hospital
Planning iterations for Intermountain Spanish Fork Hospital.

User Input and Guidelines

Since Spanish Fork is an entirely new facility for Intermountain, leadership from the new hospital with experience another Intermountain facility were able to bring valuable operational insights to the design. Lessons learned from our previously developed guidelines for Intermountain have been implemented at Spanish Fork, including extensive user input from Lean workshops through full-scale mockups.

Intermountain Spanish Fork Hospital Mountain Views
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