James River Treatment Plant SWIFT Improvements

James River Treatment Plant aerial | Existing Conditions

James River Treatment Plant SWIFT Improvements

Providing Solutions for a Sustainable Water Future

The James River SWIFT Facility and James River Treatment Plant Advanced Nutrient Reduction Improvements are part of the first full-scale project of the broader Sustainable Water Initiative for Tomorrow Program. This program will add advanced water treatment processes, producing highly-treated water, also known as SWIFT Water®, that meets drinking water standards and is suitable for recharge to the Potomac Aquifer. At the completion of the broader SWIFT program, HRSD intends to recharge the Potomac Aquifer with up to 100 million gallons of SWIFT Water® per day. This program will help reverse declining groundwater levels, reduce saltwater intrusion, slow or reduce land subsidence, and significantly reduce the amount of nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus entering the Chesapeake Bay, thereby helping to ensure HRSD’s ability to protect public health and the environment for decades to come.

Once complete, the projects at the James River Treatment Plant will improve the existing plant effluent in addition to producing up to 16 million gallons per day of SWIFT Water®. As the lead designer for this design-build project, we are designing improvements to the secondary treatment to further reduce nutrients and provide a stable source water quality that meets the influent requirements of the SWIFT facility. 

Secondary treatment process improvements include new Integrated Fixed Film Activated Sludge effluent collection and flow distribution structures; demolition of existing secondary clarifiers; replacement with two new circular secondary clarifiers; and rehabilitation of one existing secondary clarifier, chemical feed systems, a new moving bed biofilm reactor, and all pumping, piping, instrumentation and site work required. We are also designing flow equalization tanks and recharge facilities, including recharge piping, backflush piping and well buildings.  

The estimated cost for the design-build project is $470 million and is partially financed by the wastewater treatment fees paid by HRSD customers in addition to low-interest loans from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Virginia Clean Water Revolving Loan Funds.

James River Treatment Plant aerial | Existing Conditions
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