LEOMO Performance Center

LEOMO Performance Center US Headquarters HDR

LEOMO Performance Center

Bold Workplace Design Captures Company Brand, Furthers Innovation

The LEOMO Performance Center in Boulder, Colorado serves as the U.S. headquarters for a performance-based Japanese company working at the nexus of sports and science. Known for designing and manufacturing sports Internet of Things devices and related services that contribute to the advancement of sports technologies and sciences, LEOMO’s core business is to be cutting edge. Together with HDR, our design team re-envisioned a modern workplace renovation that aligned with their company mission.

Focused on product research and development, the U.S. headquarters is specifically designed to enhance LEOMO’s collaborative software and programming development while also being conducive to athletic training and assessment activities. Incorporating both brand and innovation, the renovated space elevates workplace design and function.

Encompassing and anchoring an open, clean and contemporary office space is a bright red indoor performance track. The track contains sub-surface force plates that can capture data for running and cycling performance. Rails in the ceiling above the track support cameras from various angles to monitor individual’s activity.

Flexible work configurations with writable walls throughout the space enable the quick capture of ideas and data. Clustered collaboration pods with expansive glazing provide continual views to the indoor track for athlete observation. Adjacent to benched work space is stadium seating for casual collaboration, clad with local and sustainable “beetle kill” pine. Skylights provide natural light deep into the space and ample windows offer quality views to the outdoors.

With the renovation, the Performance Center — attracting pro and semi pro athletes as clients — now boasts a workplace image that succinctly reflects them as a company.

LEOMO Performance Center US Headquarters HDR

Boulder, CO
United States

8,500 SF (790 m²)