National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories

National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories interior

National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories

Combatting Emerging Infectious Diseases

Now, more than ever, research on infectious diseases and the vaccines and therapeutics that fight them is paramount to global safety and security. When looking to build one of just two National Biocontainment Laboratories developed by the NIH in close collaboration with leading biomedical academic institutions, Boston University Medical Center tapped HDR to design the flagship research facility. Our team delivered spaces that allowed for translational and clinical research seeking to combat emerging infectious diseases, both naturally occurring as well as deliberately through bioterrorism. The spaces were carefully vetted through community and federal organizations to ensure safety and security.

The facility houses laboratories that can safely handle the most lethal pathogens and in addition to performing basic and clinical research, it is used for training to support a national response in the event of a biodefense emergency. Research focuses include infectious diseases such as SARS, West Nile Virus and Lyme disease, as well as agents of bioterrorism such as anthrax and tularemia.

Key spaces include:

  • BSL-2, BSL3-E and BSL-4 labs
  • ABSL-2, ABSL-3E and ABSL-4 vivarium spaces meeting BMBL and AALAC requirements for small animals through non-human primates
  • Advanced imaging modes
  • Teaching and administrative support offices

To be able to design the facility on the 3 acres on the BioSquare Medical Research campus at BUMC, HDR took part in a prolonged dialogue, review and approval from a number of different organizations from community groups to federal agencies. These meetings included design workshops and public forums to ensure community and laboratory safety.

The facility was partially funded by an National Institute of Health grant in the amount of $128 million.

National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories interior
Boston University

Boston, MA
United States

191,000 sf (17,744 m²)