Pearl Harbor Virtual Reality Experience

Pearl Harbor Virtual Reality Tour

Pearl Harbor Virtual Reality Experience

HDR helped bring the history of Pearl Harbor to a new generation by leveraging technology usually reserved for building and infrastructure design.

In partnership with Pacific Historic Parks and the National Park Service, HDR developed a collection of virtual reality experiences. They allow users to learn in a way previously not possible about the attack on Pearl Harbor that plunged America into World War II. Three of the VR experiences designed by HDR are packaged in a "Pearl Harbor VR Tour" app.

These three VR experiences offer users an accurate account of the bombing of Battleship Row, a virtual walking tour along decks of the 1941 USS Arizona and a detailed journey through today's USS Arizona Memorial. The VR app can be experienced by anyone using an Android or iOS mobile device.

To create virtual worlds, HDR applied the same technologies it uses to simulate building and infrastructure design in advance of construction. This allows for optimization of the design at a much earlier phase in the project life-cycle. It also allows HDR's clients to experience their projects by seeing and moving through virtual environments. The result is a higher level of design collaboration and understanding.

Pearl Harbor Virtual Reality Tour
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