Quadrangle at Fort Sam Houston

Quadrangle Entrance at Fort Sam Houston

Quadrangle at Fort Sam Houston

Modernizing a Military Facility Rich in History

The Quadrangle at Joint Base San Antonio-Fort Sam Houston serves as both a historic landmark and a site of strategic importance for our nation. Built in 1876 as the first building at Fort Sam Houston, today the facility is home to the U.S. Army North.

The impressive mosaic of stone-rubble walls surrounds a peaceful landscape of trees, deer and peacocks, which have lived there since the 19th century. With that setting and San Antonio’s rich military history, the Quadrangle has become a unique place that includes a museum where tourists can learn about the history of the fort and the Army North.

As the home to the commanding general, the facility holds strategic importance, with vital decision-making, including matters of national security and disaster planning, regularly taking place.

We’re working with our partner AMG Contractors to modernize the building’s interior while maintaining the historical characteristics of the structure. The project includes renovations of current offices, meeting and collaboration spaces. The upgrade will add modern HVAC, lighting, telecommunication, audiovisual equipment, and other mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems as part of the renovation. Additionally, designated sections of the Quadrangle will be repaired.

This unique project will support the Army North’s mission of protecting national security and will allow future generations to experience the base’s history.

Quadrangle Entrance at Fort Sam Houston
Joint Base San Antonio-Fort Sam Houston

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