Sam Houston State University, Life Sciences Building

Sam Houston State Laboratory

Sam Houston State University, Life Sciences Building

Fostering Active and Team-Based Learning in the Lab

Designed around three biology disciplines — molecular, systemic and environmental — the new Biology Laboratory Building contains modern teaching and research labs and collaboration areas to enhance STEM educational trends toward active and team-based learning. This modern design positions Sam Houston State University to expand their biology program by providing much needed space and updated technology.

Key features include: 

  • Two distinct entrances create a fluid entry sequence and support the varying building functions: a primary entryway for students and visitors on the eastside and a loading dock and second entrance that serves as a base for the inherently messy field work of environmental biology on the western elevated side of the site.
  • To create a collaborative space, each discipline shares the same straightforward floor plan: a circulation loop consisting of teaching labs on the north side and research labs on the south. In the middle of this circulation loop, core facilities include lab support space and break rooms for students and teachers to connect, study and learn.
  • Additional informal gathering space is available in alcoves dispersed along the circulation loop. The focus on collaboration and intuitive design extends to the faculty offices that are located and clustered together on the east end of their respective floors to promote an exchange of knowledge among faculty and students.
Sam Houston State Laboratory
Sam Houston State University

Huntsville, TX
United States

97,050 SF (9,016 m²)


Merit Award (2020)
American Society of Landscape Architects, New Jersey Chapter