Sheppard Pratt Hospital

Sheppard Pratt Hospital

Sheppard Pratt Hospital

Revitalizing A Landmark Campus 

At Baltimore’s prestigious Sheppard Pratt Hospital, it was determined that the physical characteristics of the hospital were an obstacle to implementing desired changes in the delivery of behavioral and mental health clinical program services and a new replacement hospital was needed on this historic, landmark campus.

The new, state-of-the-art hospital enhances both patient privacy and operational efficiencies. It features 192 acute care private psychiatric beds, nursing areas, blood labs, electroconvulsive therapy, kitchen and other support spaces. Ambulance access to the facility is separate from the main entrance to maintain comfort and privacy for patients and guests.

New Hospital, Same Historic Aesthetic

This two-phased project includes design and construction of a new replacement hospital and renovation to return respite care and residential treatment care to the existing, 100-year-old building.

Architectural and clinical programming generated space requirements were tested against site impacts to the historic structures and the mature, ridge-top wooded environment. The team took great care to preserve the unique image, pastoral entry sequence, historic trees, significant historic ancillary structures and landforms in the context of nearly doubling overall site coverage.

Through urban planning, site design, traffic circulation and parking analysis to test the impact of various options on future operations and visual character, the resulting site and facility design created an integrated plan for a new, modern facility that reinforces the image and progressive heritage of Sheppard Pratt Health System.

Sheppard Pratt Hospital
Sheppard Pratt Health System

Baltimore, MD
United States

200,000 sf (18,580 m²)