Surrey Memorial Hospital Emergency Department & Critical Care Tower

Surrey Memorial Hospital

Surrey Memorial Hospital Emergency Department & Critical Care Tower

World-Class Healthcare, Designed for British Columbia

HDR, in joint venture with Parkin Architects, led the design of the Surrey Memorial Hospital Emergency Department and Critical Care Tower Redevelopment and Expansion project. The first phase, a new, 65,652-square-foot Emergency Department, is nearly five times the size of the old Emergency Department. It provides specialized mental health and pediatric areas, an enhanced rapid assessment zone, an improved area for acute patients and a protected multi-car ambulance entry that can be converted to a mass triage area.

The triage area in the Emergency Department was designed using evidence-based principles; this area enables rapid triage to aid in the detection of infectious disease, and progresses the patient through to full clinical interview, assessment, registration and treatment.

The treatment areas were uniquely designed in pods. These universally designed, self-sufficient zones provide staff with centralized access to supplies and services, which facilitates intuitive patient care while reducing unnecessary travel time. The pod zoning also enables isolation in the event of a communicable disease outbreak or acts of violence.

Phase 2 saw a new, state-of-the-art, critical care tower constructed on the hospital campus, adding 151 new acute care beds; these beds eased existing congestion at the hospital and will help address Surrey’s future health care needs.

The Critical Care Tower’s in-patient areas continue the theme of on-stage and off-stage spaces, with clear patient and visitor pathways and zones, and core areas that provide staff access to services, supplies and break areas. Universal design continues throughout the units to support staff familiarity and efficiency as they move around and between floors.

Surrey Memorial Hospital
Fraser Health Authority

Surrey, BC

420,000 sf (39,000 m²)
LEED Certified Gold