Tsing Lan Shan School

Tsing Lan Shan School front

Tsing Lan Shan School

Traditional Architecture Meets the Future of Education

The Tsing Lan Shan School provides first-class, state-of-the-art educational spaces for K-12 students. The architecture is informed by traditional English boarding schools, while the contemporary interior fosters a new educational model enabling focused, hands-on learning through discovery, experience, and collaboration.

The L-shaped, principal academic building houses the elementary school in one wing and the high school in the other, with an administration block connecting them at the corner. Organic, curvilinear forms, housing the extra-curricular spaces like the gymnasium and theater, contrast with the rectilinear academic building, while an outdoor knowledge garden draws the traditional classroom experience outside to connect with nature, to ignite curiosity and stimulate big thinking.

The interior of the academic building is a surprising discovery itself with fluid and flexible spaces designed to engage students in a variety of learning activities—each with its own set of environmental qualities and characteristics. Classrooms are highly flexible and include large, operable windows providing excellent natural light and ventilation. A variety of unique destinations are strategically located along circulation paths, and offer places for solitary contemplation, team-based hands-on learning, and casual interaction. A sub-grade level dedicated to the arts (dance, music, gymnastics, media, etc.) separates noisier functions from quiet, focused classrooms and opens to an outdoor teaching garden and amphitheater. 

The holistic design approach promotes a healthy learning and living environment by shaping spaces that support health and wellbeing through environmentally-sensitive design and enhance the educational experience.

Tsing Lan Shan School front

Dongguan, Guangdong

750,000 sf (70,000 m²)