Turf Experience Center

Turf Experience Center Entrance

Turf Experience Center

Turf Design’s Experience Center in downtown Chicago is a workplace, showroom, and event space custom-designed with their product: artful acoustics for welcoming spaces.

From dramatic, swooping forms to undulating surfaces, the versatility of Turf products is expressed through a series of themed, color-blocked spaces. Each room evokes a different feeling by integrating custom soundscapes, lighting, furniture, and smell design to enhance the experience for visitors. The separated zones of blocked color merge in a hidden meditation room, with projectors in obelisks shining northern-light-esque patterns on the ceiling. These whimsical applications of the product are balanced with more practical displays in meeting rooms toward the back. There’s even a living blueprint room that brings technical drawings to life to demonstrate the product’s backend.

The space serves as a playful, punchy embodiment of the brand itself. The brand voice is expressed literally and figuratively with witty, tongue-in-cheek text boldly announcing areas hidden to be discovered. Forms extracted from the logo are expressed across scales, including portals and niches, shapes highlighting zones in the lobby, a suspended parallax sculpture, custom ceramic accessories, and graphic tone-on-tone patterns.

The Experience Center is the ideal environment for Turf to train its national salesforce and encourage clients to imagine what these materials can help a space become.

Turf Experience Center Entrance

Chicago, IL
United States



Winner (2023)
Domestic Product Showroom Category, Best of Year Design Awards
Interior Design Magazine
Best in Show (2023)
International Interior Design Association
Honorable Mention (2022)
Sustainability and Wellbeing Categories, Next Work Environment Competition
Work Design Magazine