UConn Bousfield Psychology Building Renovation and New Addition

UConn Bousfield Psychology Building Renovation and New Addition Exterior

UConn Bousfield Psychology Building Renovation and New Addition

Known for its impressive track record in research and teaching, the psychology program at the University of Connecticut was stuck inside a convoluted, outdated existing facility. The school was looking to expand its footprint to create a better environment for hands-on learning and deeper research. After providing multiple concepts, HDR was retained as design architect, providing expertise in a renovation and new addition to the Bousfield Psychology Building, working with leadership and stakeholders including faculty to consolidate needs and unlock new potential for the program.

The addition supplements current research and teaching space with high-quality wet-lab space for behavioral neuroscience and biology and a vivarium for animal behavioral studies. A new psychological services clinic in the annex is also open to the public, connecting students to the community while serving as a hands-on teaching lab. Flexible research space and soundproof testing booths were also designed for a range of psychological disciplines. 

The project physically relocates the main entrance to the psychology building, improving circulation and wayfinding while a bright and open atrium that connects the annex to the existing facility, bringing spaces of light to what was a labyrinth-like building. Enlivened by public spaces, including student and faculty lounges and team rooms, the atrium acts as a filter to more private lab and office spaces while serving as a visual connection to the rest of campus and a welcoming view into the building. A 120-seat auditorium with large overhead doors for special receptions and exhibits is also attached.

Built in the 1980s, the exterior of the building was renovated to fit with the new annex in a reference to the “pole barn” style of the agricultural buildings in the area. The new cohesive and recognizable physical presence for the psychology program features a welcoming campus green stretched out front and views of the landscape behind, cementing it as a sought-out destination for students and faculty at the university.

UConn Bousfield Psychology Building Renovation and New Addition Exterior
University of Connecticut

Storrs, CT
United States

102,300 sf