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Calthorpe Associates Joins HDR

We’re proud to announce that Calthorpe Associates has joined the HDR family. HDR and Calthorpe share some important values: a belief in the power of great design, and a strong interest in the global growth of cities.

Calthorpe Associates is internationally recognized for innovative leadership in regional planning, urban design and transit-oriented development. Since 1983, the company has assisted public and private sector clients in shaping livable communities. The firm is an international leader in smart growth and a founding partner in the Congress for the New Urbanism.

Together, we look forward to working with our clients to benefit the public with livable, sustainable, low-carbon solutions in many more global communities.

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Eric Keen | hdr ceo
Eric Keen, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

"Calthorpe Associates brings years of inventive and transformative urban design experience that will enhance the services we offer our clients across the globe. We see tremendous opportunity with our clients, who rely on our growing body of expertise to improve the way people live, work and play in our changing urban environments."

Peter Calthorpe
Peter Calthorpe, Senior Vice President

"We believe our urban design practice can be a bridge between many of the HDR disciplines and a catalyst for integration. Our focus on smart, sustainable cities over the decades has always depended on input and guidance between many design professionals. Now we can offer comprehensive services to our clients and develop plans that are truly grounded in expertise in every dimension of the challenge."

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Director, Urban Planning
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