Daybreak Master Plan

Daybreak Master Plan

Daybreak Master Plan

A New, Complete Community in the Salt Lake Valley

Located at the base of the Oquirrh Mountains in the southern end of the Salt Lake Valley, Daybreak has been advancing the bar of sustainability in Utah each year since it broke ground. It is a full-service community with local- and regional-scale employment; a range of residential, retail and civic uses; and a variety open-space amenities. Because Daybreak is the largest undeveloped parcel in single ownership in the Salt Lake Valley, it presents a unique opportunity to mold the Salt Lake Valley’s future by demonstrating many concepts of sustainability and by minimizing many of the impacts that come with growth.

Daybreak’s conception as a complete community rather than a limited-use subdivision means that many of the residents’ daily needs for shopping, day care, recreation, places of worship and even employment can be met within its 2-mile by 4-mile site. In addition to making possible a commute completely within Daybreak, the nearly equal balance of jobs to homes helps reduce regional commute demands. Daybreak will also be integrally linked to the Salt Lake region, with excellent freeway access and multiple transit connections invigorating mixed-use centers throughout the site.

Daybreak’s sustainable design principles emphasize: native or naturalized plantings; the creation and preservation of wildlife habitat and movement corridors; stormwater capture, treatment and infiltration in constructed wetlands; and the provision of shade to reduce heat islands in the community.

Daybreak Master Plan
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