Coopertown Master Plan: Phase One

Coopertown Master Plan

Coopertown Master Plan: Phase One

Regina’s Precedent for Development

The design vision for Coopertown has been developed in consonance with the aspirations and stated priorities of the Regina Official Community Plan. The vision serves as a development guide for future communities, and verifies the intentions of the OCP are being met at all stages. Phase One, as one of the first communities that will be developed within Coopertown, will act as an important precedent for future phases. It is imperative that the design goals for Phase One support and reinforce the overall vision for the city of Regina and Coopertown; and set high standards.

Phase One features variation of housing types ranging from low-density, single-family homes to higher-density townhomes and multifamily buildings. This variety promotes greater consumer choice as well as affordability. The neighborhood layout is a product of current market trends, key design principles, and the city’s guidelines for population density and location and sizing of open space amenities. A key design feature is the Rink Road couplet near the neighborhood retail area. It will maintain that the community is human scaled and can accommodate high pedestrian movement.

Coopertown Master Plan
Dream Development

Regina, SK

73 hectares | 1,938 residential units | 59 people/hectare