Vehicle Use Statement

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The purpose of the Vehicle Use External Statement is to define requirements for the safe and legal use of vehicles by employees when conducting business on behalf of HDR. HDR maintains automobile liability insurance coverage for all HDR owned, leased and rental vehicles. Employees are responsible for insurance requirements while operating their personally owned vehicle on HDR business.    

Subject to the limited exceptions below, HDR insured vehicles are to be used for company business only. 

Authorized drivers must:

  • Verify their vehicles are in safe operating condition before driving an HDR insured vehicle. 
  • Provide for the safe and legal storage of HDR insured vehicles and its internal contents. HDR owned equipment or property should not be stored in the vehicle. 
  • Parking violations are the responsibility of the authorized driver and must be reported in a timely manner (within 24 hours) to their supervisor. 
  • Park vehicles off the street for overnight or long-term parking. When off-street parking is not available, authorized drivers must obtain their supervisors’ approval for proposed street parking sites.

Provided that all applicable laws are followed, authorized drivers will be permitted to drive HDR insured vehicles for personal use if they are assigned to projects away from their home locales and only with authorized passengers. However, miles driven for personal use are considered taxable income, and mileage must be recorded.

Fulfilling HDR’s commitment to safety is an ethical responsibility we take seriously and expect each employee to do the same.

This Vehicle Use External Statement applies to employees who operate any HDR insured vehicles in the performance of their job responsibilities on behalf of HDR. This includes HDR owned and leased vehicles that are part of HDR’s fleet services, rented vehicles for HDR business purposes, and the use of an employee’s personal vehicle while conducting business on behalf of HDR.

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John Henderson
Chief Executive Officer

July 8, 2024