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Advisory Services Policy Brief: CHIPS Incentive Program

Advisory Services Policy Briefs is a series from our management consultants that summarize and analyze infrastructure policy, starting with deep dives into the Infrastructure Bill, describing funding opportunities by project type and discussing what the law means for infrastructure policy moving forward. All IIJA and Federal Infrastructure Policy and Funding Resources

CHIPS Incentive Program & Commercial Fabrication Funding Opportunity

In August of 2022, President Biden signed into law the CHIPS Act of 2022, which established a fund known as the Creating Helpful Incentives to Produce Semiconductors for America Fund, with $38.22 billion in direct funding and up to $75 billion in direct loan or guaranteed principal. These funds are available as incentives to support investments in facilities and equipment for semiconductor fabrication, assembly, testing, advanced packaging, or research and development.

This policy brief introduces the CHIPS Incentive program and details the Commercial Fabrication funding opportunity, including eligibility, available funding, application requirements, and environmental clearance considerations.

This document will be updated or supplemented as additional information on future NOFOs under the act becomes available.

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Robert Sty HDR
Tech Director
Paula Renner
Strategic Campaigns & Pursuits Program Manager