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Advisory Services Policy Brief: Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act — Equity and Environmental Justice

Advisory Services Policy Briefs is a series from our management consultants that summarize and analyze infrastructure policy, starting with deep dives into the Infrastructure Bill, describing funding opportunities by project type and discussing what the law means for infrastructure policy moving forward. All IIJA and Federal Infrastructure Policy and Funding Resources

An Emphasis on Equity Policy in Funding Programs

The IIJA incorporates significant policies that affect our most vulnerable and underserved communities and the systems used for mobility and access to employment, healthcare and other daily needs. It supports safe drinking water, clean water in the environment, and broadband connections for those without reliable internet. It also promotes minority businesses and pushes the consideration of minority, low-income, and disadvantaged populations and communities to the front of agency planning decisions.

Equity and environmental justice policy objectives are advanced across IIJA programs through new or expanded funding authorizations, broader program considerations, and specific eligibility criteria. This Advisory Services Policy Brief summarizes the ongoing efforts by the Biden administration to promote inclusion and discusses portions of the IIJA that address environmental justice and equity considerations, providing a holistic evaluation of the current policy landscape and how the renewed national conversation in this area informs federal funding decisions.

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