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Advisory Services Policy Brief: Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act — Climate Change, Resiliency and Adaptation

Advisory Services Policy Briefs is a series from our management consultants that summarize and analyze infrastructure policy, starting with deep dives into the Infrastructure Bill, describing funding opportunities by project type and discussing what the law means for infrastructure policy moving forward. All IIJA and Federal Infrastructure Policy and Funding Resources

Strengthening Our Nation’s Resiliency to a Changing Climate

The IIJA spurs substantial investments to reduce our contributions to climate change such as electrifying the transportation network and carbon capture/sequestration. The legislation also supports greater resiliency of our energy grid, and invests in renewable and clean energy, and land restoration.

This policy brief provides background on federal climate-related initiatives and serves as an illustrative overview of IIJA programs related to climate, resiliency, and adaptation. This discussion is not exhaustive and should serve as a starting point for understanding the breadth and depth of programs focused on this topic.

Download Climate Change, Resiliency and Adaptation Brief