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CSE Data Center Roundtable

Interior image of corridor within data center.

The design and delivery of data centers across the globe continues at a rapid pace. As this sector flourishes and net-zero remains one of the key drivers, environmental, social and governance plans are central to mission critical engineers to design more efficient building engineering solutions.

Forbes has cited a Techspot article, reporting that data centers consume more than 205 terawatt hours of electricity every year; surpassing the annual energy usage of Ireland, Denmark or South Africa. With the number of Internet of Things devices increasing, technology industries are on pace to account for anywhere between 7% to 20% of global energy demands by 2030.

Last year, experts indicated sustainability and efficiency would top the list of data center trends.

Robert Sty, Tech Director at HDR participated in a roundtable discussion organized by Consulting-Specifying Engineer, exploring various trends within the mission critical and data center sectors. Robert's commentary includes trends on sustainability, ESG, codes, standards, design, electrical systems, HVAC, automation and controls.

Consulting-Specifying Engineer has published a series of articles following the discussion: