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Developing Offshore Wind, 'The Next Renewable Energy Frontier'

Offshore wind

Offshore wind is a burgeoning market in the renewable energy space, and that means new challenges to solve. 

HDR’s Jenny Vick recently joined the “Environmental Leadership Chronicles,” a podcast hosted by the California Association of Environmental Professionals, to chat about opportunities and challenges for offshore wind in the Pacific Ocean, and how HDR can play a role.  

“[Offshore wind] is the next renewable energy frontier,” Vick said on the podcast. “There are so many challenges to solve from not only how to build these projects, but the supply chain issues [as well]. You need the ports to be there, you need transmission to be there, you need to get the energy from these projects to the load centers. So it’s a challenge on so many different levels, and we need so many people at the table solving these problems.” 

Vick also talks about her initial interest in environmental science, career journey, mentorship advice and role at HDR. 

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