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Swansea Renewable Energy Project Progresses

Overhead CGI of renewable energy transport hub in Swansea, UK.

Plans for a £4 billion (~$5 billion) renewable energy project in Swansea, U.K., have progressed as land agreements have now been finalized between the local Council, DST Innovations Ltd and Batri Ltd.

HDR has partnered with the project team to provide engineering services, and subject to planning permission, these agreements could lead to the creation of a green energy transport hub to potentially include a hydrogen manufacturing station for hydrogen — powered transport, electric vehicle charging points, a battery manufacturing facility, and the expansion of approved solar farms at a former landfill site.

HDR's Richard Morgan has featured in an online article by Bdaily, outlining his aspirations for this major urban regeneration project, based on green principles in his hometown. 

Read the full article "Land agreements step forward for £4 billion energy project in Swansea," as published by Bdaily.

Richard Morgan Photo
London, U.K.