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How to Address Transit Ridership and Retention Through Branding

As agencies evolve to deliver on the mobility needs of the future, a transit agency’s relationship with its customers and employees is more important than ever before.  

By building connections between an agency and its riders, branding can help agencies increase ridership, elevate awareness of new mobility options, and reassure customers of an agency’s commitment to their health and safety.

So much more than what people see on the surface, a transit agency’s brand helps articulate their mission, and delivers that promise through the customer journey. A brand is ultimately how people think and feel — it’s the experience and value delivered to customers.  It’s the role of the agency in meeting the essential needs of the community it serves.

HDR’s Samantha Dubay, Theresa McClure and Drew Watts shared the benefits of a robust transit brand with Metro Magazine’s November 2022 issue.

“A community’s perception of a transit agency or service brand includes everything from the usability of the trip planning service to the actual operations, and for many, a daily greeting on a bus. A strong brand sets the framework for an agency’s ability to successfully deliver its mission holistically,” they wrote. “Understanding and articulating the brand purpose and using every opportunity to carry out its promise can enhance ongoing service and ridership recovery efforts.”

Read "Leveraging the Strength of Branding to Solve ‘R’ Challenges" in Metro Magazine.

Samantha Dubay
Strategic Communications Manager
Theresa McClure
Transportation Strategic Communications Director
Drew Watts
Strategic Communications Creative Director