Learning From Power Hungry Data Centers

Net Zero Week is the U.K.’s official national awareness campaign dedicated to addressing climate change and achieving net-zero emissions. National policy makers, academics, energy and sustainability professionals, together with regional leaders discuss the nation’s trajectory to achieve a net-zero future, identifying actions which will help to mitigate against the impact of climate change.

As part of our thought leadership breakfast series, Talk of the Town, Melissa Jordan, principal project manager, shares her thinking on “Learning from Power Hungry Data Centres” and how innovative green technologies can be applied to all building typologies.

Talk of The Town was presented to close industry acquaintances and friends, representing developers, project managers, data center providers, as well as architects and property agents. Melissa Jordan spoke eloquently, taking our clients on a journey on how we can learn from the data centre sector. Following the presentation our clients engaged in an animated conversation on the topic which was fascinating and relevant to how the industry will achieve net zero.