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What is the Cybersecurity Impact on Construction, Engineering Projects?

Graphic depicting cybersecurity. Hexagonal shapes with unlocked padlocks showing on a blue background.

Operational technology is ever more complex, inter-related and a requirement for any organisation. Regulations, standards, laws and requirements for securing operational technology systems vary. Depending on the industry, these can range from voluntary cyber risk recognition and mitigation, to regulated or expected risk management.

A cybersecurity incident within any of the 16 U.S. critical infrastructure sectors can disrupt society in an instant. The potential impact was recently illustrated in the Colonial Pipeline incident; the victim of a ransomware attack resulting in a shutdown. News of the incident caused public panic and a run on gasoline, which led to shortages and increased fuel costs.

HDR's Operational Technology Cybersecurity Director David Brearley has been featured in a recently published article, "What is the Cybersecurity Impact on Construction, Engineering Projects?" in Consulting-Specifying Engineer Magazine. This lucid thought piece is a valuable resource for identifying technologies in the built environment that may be at risk, understanding basic cyber hygiene concepts and becoming familiar with the potential impact on systems.