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Warehouses & Distribution Centers

Accelerated Shift to E-Commerce Means Booming Business for Warehouse and Distribution Centers

Every billion dollars spent online generates demand for an estimated 1.2 million square feet of additional warehouse space. It’s projected an additional 1 billion square feet will be needed by 2025.

With millions of products traveling millions of vehicle-miles, any efficiency or process improvement that reduces cost can make a significant impact on operations and profitability. Alongside clients we identify the best approach for logistics, whether it’s developing, investing in a new warehouse or distribution center, or selecting a new facility to occupy.

We’ve applied logistics expertise to a wide variety of projects including big box warehouses, last-mile centers and multilevel vertical farms for varied clients including third-party logistics, e-commerce, retailers, fast-moving consumer goods and automotive clients. Our team is focused on efficient designs, rapid construction methods and new technology. With in-house specialists in transportation infrastructure, electrified fleet rollouts, sustainable design, structural/civil design and permitting, one of our key strengths is the ability to support teams with multiple disciplines under one roof.

Warehouse and Distribution Center Services

  • Site remediation
  • Environmental approvals
  • Master planning
  • Permitting
  • Surveying
  • Land development
  • Facility design
  • Transportation engineering
  • Electrified fleet rollout
  • Infrastructure design and advice
  • Sustainability consulting and accreditation
  • Supply chain and network design