2019 AWWA Annual Conference and Exposition | ACE19

2019 AWWA Annual Conference and Exposition (ACE19)

June 9 - 12, 2019

Colorado Convention Center
Denver, CO
United States

AWWA Conference: Innovating the Future of Water

We're excited to be presenting at the American Water Works Association annual conference, ACE19 in Denver on June 9-12. We hope you will join us as we share research, case studies and insights on topics such as:

  • Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl substances driving water policy changes and reshaping utility business models
  • Overcoming obstacles to water supply management
  • Managing emerging contaminants that threaten public health
  • And much more

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HDR ACE19 Conference Sessions

AWWA Manual M77 - Condition Assessment of Water Mains

  • Speaker: Dan Ellison

This workshop will introduce concepts outlined in AWWA Manual M77 and discuss key available technologies and application for asset management and condition assessment. 

Financing Our Water Future – A Case Study From The Second Utility To Close On EPA WIFIA Loan

  • Speaker: Derek Gardels

This presentation will benefit municipal officials faced with funding infrastructure projects when financial resources are challenged.

Drought Contingency Planning In The Lower Platte River Basin

  • Speaker: John Engel

Learn how six water management agencies, with financial assistance from the Bureau of Reclamation through its WaterSMART Drought Contingency Planning program, formed a Consortium to cooperatively develop regional solutions to improve water supply reliability and drought resiliency.

Using Pilot Studies To Evaluate Removal Of PFAS At ASR Facilities

  • Speaker: Pete D’Adamo
  • Co-Authors: Samantha Black, Christina Alito, Jerrine Foster

If you are a utility wanting to remove perfluorinated compounds from groundwater, then you’ll want to learn about the results from GAC and IX pilot testing at this ASR site. Cost of treatment and disposal implications will also be explored.

A Long & Winding Road Finally Ends In Water … How The Yadkin River Water Supply Project Secured Union County’s Water Supply Future

  • Speaker: Tracy Randazzo
  • Co-Author: Brent Tippey

Hear an excellent example of communities and agencies working together through permitting, inter-local agreements, inter-basin transfer, and mutually beneficial infrastructure to build a water treatment plant, intake, pump station, and 28+ miles of transmission line.

Creating Customer Advocates: Spurring Fan Loyalty In San Antonio

  • Speaker: William Lloyd
  • Co-Author: Kelly Spitzley

To communicate how the utility is working in its customers’ best interests, San Antonio Water System (SAWS) has invested in two new online communications channels: an interactive customer portal and a capital project map website.

Pipeline Condition Renewal Forecasting And Condition Assessment Without The Excavation And Cost

  • Speakers: Eric Scherch, Dave Spencer, Tom Kennedy (Rainbow Municipal Water District)

Learn how a district leveraged Water Research Foundation publications, desktop analyses, break forecasting, investment scenarios, risk modeling, and opportunity condition assessment programs to justify additional funding for infrastructure without excavation and direct pipeline condition assessment.

Building The City Of West Palm Beach’s Stormwater Infrastructure Rehabilitation Program

  • Speaker: Daniel Suarez

Instead of reacting to failures in the storm sewer system on an as-needed basis, the city is starting an asset management program for comprehensive renewal, touching upon some of the most critical and emerging issues for stormwater: aging infrastructure and sea level rise.

Cold Water Treatment Upgrades To Address Spring Runoff Issues

  • Speaker: Jennifer Stillman
  • Co-Author: Brian Daw

A city’s recent WTP renovation proves that with the right data-driven combination of processes, a conventional plant can handle the broad spectrum of mountain water supply conditions from cold, clean water in winter to turbid runoff in spring.

Preventing Joint Separation When Modifying Existing Pressure Pipelines

  • Speaker: Keith Bushdiecker
  • Co-Author: Michael Gossett

Modifications to existing pipes can disrupt the thrust force equilibrium and create unbalanced forces, which can lead to joint separation, leaks or failures. We’ll present strategies to mitigate these potential failures.

An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure – Lubbock’s Watershed Management Plan

  • Speaker: Paula Jo Lemonds

The City developed the Lake Alan Henry Watershed Management Plan as guidance to identify and address water quality threats in the watershed. We’ll describe the planning process, Pairwise Comparison exercise to prioritize projects, and plan implementation.

Rehabbing Arizona’s Largest Potable Reservoir: The Clearwell Story

  • Speaker: Erin Lansey

The video clips within the presentation won't do justice to the scope of rehabilitating Tucson Water's largest potable storage tank Clearwell Reservoir. At 60 MG, this once-in-a-lifetime project presented extremely unique challenges over the three-year process.

Innovative Actiflo Carb WTP For DBP Compliance Lessons Learned During Construction And Startup

  • Speaker: Richard Stratton

The Sacramento San Joaquin Delta supply has high THM formation potential. The Actiflo Carb process is a new cost effective treatment system for removing organics and complying with Stage 2 DBP limits. Learn lessons from construction and startup of this 4.5 mgd WTP that includes an Actiflo Carb system.

Cyanotoxins, HABs and Algae Issues Aren’t Just For Lake Erie – How One Small Community In KY Was Plagued By And Then Defeated Them

  • Speaker: Brent Tippey

Williamstown had to deal with changing water quality while also maintaining regulatory compliance, customer confidence and financial health. Robust and targeted treatment was designed, constructed and paid for in a community that was not used to such major investment. With successful results, the water plant will meet the raw water challenges of their supply for the next 30 years and has restored public confidence.

What's New in Condition Assessment?

  • Moderator: Dan Ellison

This three-hour asset management session will discuss several new case studies and technologies for water main condition assessment.