Women working on the South Mountain Freeway

2021 Women’s Transportation Seminar (WTS) Virtual Annual Conference

May 10 - 14, 2021

Virtual Conference
United States

Our professionals are joining this year’s WTS Annual Conference virtually from all across the U.S.! Visit to our booth to talk with us about our commitment to empowering women in transportation. Then don't miss for our experts' sessions to learn strategic methods to navigate your organization and shape your career in transportation as well as elevating passenger and user confidence in our airports and transit facilities in our current environment.

We are a proud sponsor of this year’s Awards Gala, and to continue our support as a Trailblazer sponsor. 

HDR Sessions

Beyond Sanitizer: A Critical Link with Healthcare, Aviation, and Transit

Mobility Redefined: Evolving Transportation Through Creative Innovation

  • Tuesday, May 11 | 1:15-2:15 p.m. CDT
  • Speakers: Maggie Walsh, Vice President, HDR and Immediate Past Chair, WTSI Board, HDR; Kaia Nesbitt, Vice President, National Director for Urban Design and Planning, HDR; Sharmila Mukherjee, EVP, Capital Metro; Inez Evans, CEO, Indianapolis Transit System; Christina Cassotis, CEO, Allegheny County Airport Authority; Danette Bewley, CEO, Tucson Airport Authority 

In this environment, the transportation industry is grappling with how to not only re-capture but to elevate passenger and user confidence in our airports and transit facilities. We are taking an unprecedented global spread of an infectious disease and challenging ourselves to make major improvements that result in something even better. This group of impressive transportation CEOs are excited to come to together and share responses to “what if” scenarios they are working through every day. What if you could create physical environments that are durable, safe and resilient while offering a desirable experience for traveler and operator. What if you could indoctrinate policies and procedures that are flexible, scalable and responsive to changing environmental and hazardous conditions without compromise to the level of service. What if you could empower a community with an understanding of their role in managing the spread of the contagion without compromise to their trust in leadership and in civic duty. Create a culture of “informed resiliency.” Our transportation infrastructure is an essential resource in our communities that allows people to safely and reliably get to their everyday destinations and needs, such as jobs, schools, and healthcare. These executive leaders are making serious changes at their facilities to tackle these scenarios and to elevate passenger confidence.

Take Control! You are in Charge of Your Transportation Career

The Silver Tsunami: Riding the Wave Toward the Workforce of the Future

  • Friday, May 14 | 11 a.m. - 12 p.m. CDT
  • Speakers: Erin Slayton, Transportation Program Management Director, HDR; Therese McMillan, Executive Director, Metropolitan Transportation Commission; Julie Meredith, Assistant Secretary of Urban Mobility, Access and Megaprograms; Kirsten Pennington, Vice President and Senior Program/Project Manager, WSP; Leanne Redden, Executive Director, Regional Transportation Authority (RTA)

Taking control of your career takes intention. This panel of speakers will offer insight and share their lessons learned on what it takes to make career moves to better advance a career in transportation. They’ll share ways to understand how to navigate an organization and sharpening skills along the way. Organizations and companies are putting better programs in place to create environments that promote fairness, open transparency, diversity and inclusion. However, there is much to do personally to build your brand and recognize opportunities to shape the career you desire.