More than 25 HDR employees stand with awards for employer of the year and professional of the year whelpley.

HDR Earns Two Distinguished Awards from IRWA

Employer of the Year & Professional of the Year

The International Right of Way Association named HDR Employer of the Year at its June 26 annual education conference in Denver. They also bestowed a special award to one of its project managers.

HDR provides right of way services to transportation, power and energy, water and additional infrastructure clients. The company takes pride in its investment year after year to the industry’s professionals and shows its commitment by partnering with IRWA on memberships for each right of way professional as part of the IRWA Corporate Partnership Program. In 2022, HDR had 178 active IRWA members. Each new right of way employee at HDR receives a full IRWA membership as a career investment.

HDR acknowledges the hard work and dedication of its numerous chapter, regional and international leaders — and the countless hours of their volunteered time to IRWA — with the goal of advancing the profession. The work has a significant impact. Right of way professionals face incredibly difficult tasks and providing them with skillsets and support is critical to the industry's future.

In addition to HDR's Employer of the Year award, the firm's Cyndi Whelpley, SR/WA, was honored with the Frank C. Balfour Professional of the Year Award. This prestigious recognition is a testament to Whelpley’s exceptional contributions and unwavering dedication to the right of way industry. 

“We are truly honored to receive the Employer of the Year award from IRWA," said HDR's Right of Way Director Leigh Enger, SR/WA. "We prioritize our employees and recognize the importance of investing in their growth and development. This award is a testament to our commitment to fostering a supportive and empowering work environment. We are also proud of Cyndi Whelpley for her well-deserved recognition. Her expertise and dedication continue to inspire our entire team.”

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