HDR Experts to Speak at FRA Rail Decarbonization Workshop

Two HDR experts will be presenting new insights about the latest trends and technologies in the planning and implementation of rail decarbonization strategies at the Federal Railroad Administration workshop, “Getting on Track for Decarbonization,” on May 17 in Denver.

Transportation Sustainability Leader Will Kirby will share “Drivers, Facility Considerations, and Economics of the Zero Emission Transition in Rail,” where he will provide an overview of options and trends in the rail industry, delving into the details that owners and agencies need to know to begin their decarbonization efforts.

Rail and Transit Vehicle Technology Lead Marcin Taraszkiewicz is co-presenting an American Public Transportation Association whitepaper on Battery-Electric and Hydrogen Passenger Rail Equipment. He will bring insights from his broad background in rail decarbonization efforts and his involvement with APTA’s initiative to define passenger rail safety requirements for addressing the hazards introduced by the adoption of zero emission technologies.

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