Marcin Taraszkiewicz

Marcin Taraszkiewicz, P.E.

Rail and Transit Vehicle Technology Lead

“The drive to zero emissions and emphasis on sustainable operation poses many challenges for the rail and transit industry but also many exciting new opportunities, and I enjoy being at the forefront of that work.”

Marcin brings more than 29 years of national and international experience in new vehicle procurements, modifications, maintenance and operations of light rail, heavy rail, commuter, bus and metro vehicles.

He has authored and presented papers on a range of topics related to vehicle technology, including community impacts, costs and efficiencies, and regulatory requirements for safe operations in joint use corridors. He serves on American Public Transportation Association’s Hydrogen/Battery Propulsion Subcommittee, and he is the lead instructor for American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association's “Introduction to Practical Railroad Engineering.” His expertise has recently been at the forefront of advancements in hybrid and zero emissions technology for new trainset and locomotive purchases in northern and southern California.

In his vehicle technology lead role, Marcin works closely with our transit, freight, advanced technology and sustainability colleagues to keep us at the forefront of this quickly changing field of expertise.