Lisa Patterson Joins HDR as Freight Rail Environmental Manager

Lisa Patterson
Lisa Patterson

Lisa Patterson brings three decades of environmental experience to HDR as freight rail environmental manager. 

Based in California, Patterson has been an environmental consultant for Class I railroads since 1993. In that time, she’s seen many changes in the environmental process and has adapted to help railroads meet new requirements while maintaining a focus on streamlining the process. As part of her work, she has spent considerable time in the field, surveying sites and providing compliance monitoring. Her work has taken her across North America, requiring knowledge of the complex environmental requirements in multiple jurisdictions. 

In her new role, Patterson is responsible for managing teams that work with freight rail clients to navigate the regulatory permitting process. Her work sets the stage for delivering projects with fewer complications, with solutions that keep work progressing while impacting the smallest environmental footprint. A proactive approach to responding to regulatory agencies ensures that required actions are undertaken before they become delays. 

Patterson joins a team of rail-focused environmental planners and permitting experts who work closely with rail clients to understand and comply with environmental obligations. The freight rail industry has long been environmentally conscious as the most fuel-efficient way to move freight over land. With a growing focus on decarbonization, that trend will continue and require insights from experts who understand what’s needed for the next chapter in rail projects. 

“Meeting environmental requirements while keeping projects moving is critical to the freight rail sector,” said HDR Freight Rail Director Bill Hjelholt. “I’m thrilled to welcome Lisa to HDR. Her skills, knowledge and commitment to streamlining the regulatory process will be a significant asset to our teams and the projects they deliver.”