Offshore wind farms

Offshore Wind

Pairing Our Expertise With Offshore Wind Trailblazers

Energy developers and utilities are at the center of a fundamental shift toward sustainability and resilience. We have partnered on many of North America’s first clean offshore energy projects, delivering relevant, hands-on experience in all aspects, from environmental studies to coastal engineering to subsea cables and more.  

Our national experience extends to more than 40,000 megawatts of renewable energy generation projects, services provided on more than 450 marine terminals around the world and a century of experience on complex transportation and infrastructure projects. Off the East Coast, we partnered with the U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management to create one of the first offshore wind farms in the country.

Our team’s expertise is diverse and includes:

  • Environmental research, permitting and compliance
  • Public involvement
  • Real estate and right of way
  • Ports and maritime planning
  • Power delivery

The way we power our world continues to evolve, but our goal is the same — power our communities. We work side-by-side with you to navigate complex regulatory requirements and emerging technologies to deliver reliable offshore energy.

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Gretchen Dolson
Renewable Energy Practice Lead
Headshot of Gretchen Dolson our Renewable Energy Practice Lead

See how our scientists find ways to reduce environmental risk and adapt marine life to this new habitat.

Our Work

Environmental monitoring for the first offshore wind energy farms in the United States. 

Expert environmental scientists monitor United States’ first wind turbines at sea.

FERC licensing for the first pre-permitted wave energy testing facility in the United States.