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Achieving Ambitious Greenhouse Gas Reduction Goals

Inside the Revolutionary Work Inciting Progress

The Paris Agreement states emissions must be reduced 45% by 2030 and reach net zero by 2050 to slow global warming an incredible challenge spurring bold GHG emissions goals in every industry. We've tapped some of today's sharpest minds to take on the challenge, and built a highly collaborative environment with our clients. Together, we're working on impactful projects that lower GHG emissions and accomplish business goals, like large-scale solar, battery energy storage, offshore wind, electric vehicle infrastructure, circular economy plans, hydrogen integration and regenerative design.

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A Power Grid Steeped in Renewable Energy

The Solar Energy Industry Association predicts almost 100 gigawatts of solar capacity need to be added every year until 2030 to meet bold federal climate targets. Add significant goals for offshore wind, hydropower and energy storage into the mix, and a future grid steeped in renewable energy takes shape. 

We blend engineering, science and design to take on life-changing renewable energy projects, from massive solar energy generation facilities to the first offshore wind projects in the U.S.


Silicon Ranch Corporation: Watch the story of our decade-long partnership on large-scale solar energy

Sample pages from HDR study on the role of DERs in fleet electrifications

Electrification's Compounding Benefits

Together, transportation and buildings represent more than 60% of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. Concurrent with the transformation of the electric grid, electrification delivers compounding efficiency and decarbonization benefits. 

We conducted one of the first studies to take a holistic look at what happens when distributed energy resources are used to charge electric fleets. 


Pushing Boundaries Adds Efficiency

The built environment accounts for 39% of global carbon emissions. We're pushing boundaries with regenerative design to move building efficiency outcomes beyond high-performance goals toward net-positive impacts.

Add a concept like circular economy, and opportunity for transformative efficiency improvement becomes even greater. We researched 20 climate action plans from cities across North America, and identified more than 300 waste opportunities from recycling to organics management. 


regenerative design rodney cook park
Exterior view of The Event Complex Aberdeen

Clean Hydrogen and Alternate Fuels Take Hold

As hydrogen and other alternate fuels take holdwe're partnering with clients on future-forward projects to meet electrification demand amid renewable intermittencies, and scale alternate fuels like renewable natural gas from digesters or landfills. 

At landmark European conference center P&J Live Aberdeen, we developed the zero-carbon heating, cooling and power strategy, including hydrogen fuel cells, for a 516,000-square-foot exhibition center and two hotels.