Alan Sheppard | LNG Client Development Lead

Alan Sheppard

LNG Client Development Lead

Alan uses more than 35 years of experience in the oil and gas industry to lead and develop client relationships for large-scale liquefied natural gas projects. He collaborates with clients to find solutions for site selection, facilities layout, pump sizing, piping design, system operations, and project execution and planning.

Alan comes from a family of engineers, so his career path may have been inevitable. He’s passionate about renewable energy and promoting the increased use of LNG.

Alan builds longstanding partnerships with clients. One of his favorite projects is the Dominion Energy Utah LNG Facility project in Salt Lake City. Alan led the team in site selection, provided pre-front-end engineering design and FEED services, supported the project through the public commissioning process, assisted with procurement documents and contractor engagement, and currently is working as an owner’s engineer during construction.