Brian Kowalchuk, HDR

Brian Kowalchuk, FAIA, LEED AP

Global Design Director

Brian's passion and intellectual curiosity are unceasing and contagious. He has elevated the commitment to design excellence throughout our culture, paying special attention to the humanistic, organizational and business issues of design. Through exploration and integration, Brian strives to creatively balance the rational with the intuitive, to distill complexity to its inherent essence and to express a clear and compelling vision. He is well-known for his attention to the comprehensive infusion of guiding principles throughout a project.

Representing more than 35 years of architectural experience on large-scale, technologically complex projects, Brian’s architecture portfolio illustrates his ability to shape and manipulate form in order to enhance an organization’s mission. His designs increase efficiencies and promote productivity within inspiring places where people want to be — often reinventing long-held building paradigms. Brian has earned a reputation for his ability to organize and transform multifaceted projects into well-functioning, cohesive facilities.

He has received numerous AIA Awards, as well as seven prestigious R&D Magazine Lab of the Year Awards. Brian is a frequent guest speaker, panelist and design juror for various organizations including Tradeline, the Eagleson Institute, the International Association of Science Parks and R&D Magazine.